Saturday, December 03, 2005

Contest? I got your contest!!!

In an attempt to stay up with the likes of Karen's Blog, I bring you a contest of "my own?"

Classic Rock 94.7 and SONY Bravia's Las Vegas Contest!
Classic Rock 94.7 and Sony Bravia know that the sports fan wants to watch their team and not have to battle their partner for the television remote. We understand that control of the remote has been the source of many battles of the sexes. The new SONY BRAVIA HDTV offers the perfect solution to create harmony and peace between the sexes with sleek and sexy looks and great resolution and performance. Let us know your best "Battle of the Sexes" story and you and your significant other could be heading off to Las Vegas, a place that both men and women can agree on, for a stay at the Green Valley Ranch Spa and Casino. To enter send an email to with your story!

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