Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sometimes it's for the greater good...

My staying up all hours may disturb your sleep,
It may make me one cranky F'er to be around,
It brings me good grades (presently As and maybe one B for 19 credit hours),
But tonight/this morning
My staying up helped da boo.

Had to call the police and get Apt. I woken up about 5 minutes ago (around 3am if you can't see the time of this post) and get them to move their maroon mustang, Plate KTX560 from blocking in her the garage.

Which, I would love it if she would call the office for me and see if I can rent one for just a few months....So I can call the cops when some jackass blocks me in ;)

1 comment:

honeykbee said...

My hero!!!!!!!!!

You surely saved me from a terrible morning, and probably the life of said mustang owner.

Thank you thank you thank you!

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