Tuesday, November 08, 2005

And you thought I bitched a lot !!

Just two main bitchs (Daunte Culfairy is hurt, so no more crying from him, Thank God) this week. No, I didn't mean bitches, but bitching fools that won't shut the fuck up!

I'll start ya off easy with a fool that, while I love him and respect his business sense, but jezzz...
SHUT UP Already, you fool! All you had to say was "eh eh eh"

and of course (You saw it coming) our BITCH OF THE WEEK: No introduction necessary
His agent is lumped in there with him. Fucking morons.
Highlight of this article: "Owens has been angry with the Eagles since management refused to redo his contract just one season into the seven-year, $48.97 million deal he signed when he came to Philadelphia in March 2004."
Only greatest highlight ever if the Eagles decide to keep Owens and NEVER LET HIM PLAY EVER AGAIN!
I really liked you TO. Now, I hope you and your agent go fuck each other.
Fuck you. You're fucking over bitch! Just like Keyshawn. (In case you don't know who Keyshawn is, because he's been outta the 'picture' for so long, look for him on Dallas)

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honeykbee said...

That's the whole point... free speech... he should be able to say whatever the hell he wants. Did you know he's not even allowed to say "butt" anymore? But Oprah...

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