Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sign? We don't need no stinkin' signs!

Even stop signs, obviously. Well, most of you have heard that I got into an accident. Not my fault this time ;) and so....

... here is a picture of why I no longer drive in Virginia.

They tried to take my license (speeding ticket) and yet I still went back. This time, 'THAT' state was successful. This is one state I want nothing to do with.

That is, except my grandmother lives out there now (last 5 years) because my Aunt thought it'd be better this way. Not for me! and my mom drives down there every week.

I mean, that should be standard but still, this is not a quick 20 minute jump.
1. Virginia, slow everything by 20 minutes, even though everyone is driving 40 mph over the speed limit! Make sense? No? Welcome to Virginia.
2. It forever away anyway! Occaquon (or however ya spell it) is prolly...hmmmm..45 minutes without traffic. Yea :chuckle chuckle: right. No traffic in the DC area. Ha! I'm sure
I'll keep writing to get down to the next picture but trust me when tell you that his car lost. Yet, I have no idea how he's doing physically or mentally.
I mean, we all know that I'm still on muscle relaxors and going to call about starting physical therapy tommorrow, but will never know if that kid is actually ok or messed up, even mentally.
I'm still kinda jumpy with all this rain and all these goofballs on the road. OK. lemme put up a picture of his stupid car so you can judge the speed of impact.

Do ya get it now?

And lemme hint you onto something, the bus that is in the first photo by my car had begun to drive away. Further proving how hard he must have hit me to have me slide forward.

I write all of this with my neck having to rest on the couch.

Physical Therapy, hopefully, starts tommorrow.
Til then.....


honeykbee said...

"Make sense? No? Welcome to Virginia."

We should make t shirts!

Deatoni said...

Dude, even though im city folken, if i were ever to buy a car i might have to buy a Maxima. His car looks like a forgotten sandwich in a bookbag. Dude his car totally got the worst of it. Damn kids.

Hope ya feelin better.

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