Sunday, October 23, 2005

Back to the crap

Ok. I'm the worst at blogging. Fuck you.
Overreacting has never been easier.
Took a Darvacet. Makes you not be able to move much. but ya feel everything in this Euphoric daze.
I'll be happy when my flexoril comes back tommorrow. That doesn't have all the strange side effects. Maybe I've said too much.
So I'm all 'bbbllalaaahhh' on the couch and listening to my itunes as Huff sends me a flow of musical flavorings. Tasty....
...Anyway, Here is an Edition of the "Bored At Work" , Weekend Edition:

Don't have the Album Artwork for your itunes song? Try THIS on for size

On a personal note, THIS always stays in the back of my mind

::Update: Was listening to some Buffett (those were the days. Long stories), but now Ray Charles has a hold of me::::

Girlyman (With Dar Williams) is coming to The Birchmere in Alexandria, Va. I vowed to never drive in Va. again, so I'm gonna hope that K can go, but it is a 730pm show ....on her First Day of her NEW JOB!!! Congratulations again, babydoll !!

(Figure it needs to be posted for anyone to give a shit where they are)

:::Update: Have the stones on, but about to roll like a stone to the next group....Ok, first have to listen to "Love in a Van" on the Stripped album....:::

Did I ever share that a childhood friend of mine is good friends with THIS guy? What does this mean to me? Abso-fucking-lutely Nothing!

THIS was in my list of shit to post, but I can't figure out why. See I have two accounts under my Mozilla. Once in a while it asks me which one would like to log on. I sit and think for a minute of which freakin one I've BEEN using and which one I'd ACTUALLY like to be in. (Fucking stupid, I know...lazy describes it better though)

:::Update: Wild Horses (Alicia Keys with Adam Levine of Maroon 5) Who or what the fuck is Maroon 5? and why is this thin and raspy vocial display of what NOT to do, singing this song?
Meanwhile, wtf am I doing listening to Alicia Keys?:::

Buddy Icon Site One
Buddy Icon Site Two
and my personal favorite: Buddy Icon Site Three Get to being Creative, damn it !!

Hold...gonna try to do some shit with my Itunes. Friend of mine wiped his computer and now has to reload his whole stock pile (No, for once it's not me;). Hold. 4:27am


Needtsza said...

Going to bed now

honeykbee said...

Wow. Decaf. Seriously.

-Babydoll =*

Scott said...

I second that. Did you mainline Redbull?

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