Wednesday, September 14, 2005

say "FUCK" as loud as you can, if you have any rights!

AT least here I can say FUCK as many fucking times as I fucking want. Thank fucking God for my fucking blog. I mean, what the fuck? If we have a fucking ammendment to the fucking Constitution, you'd fucking think it would ok if someone fucking used the word fuck in a social setting, like a fucking office pool.
I mean, what the fuck kind of people that can't take a little fucking word like FUCK? and used in a manner that was supposed to be fucking amusing. Obviously, I'm too much of an asshole to use the word fuck in such a forum. So fucking be it.

I won't fucking play. Why? The same fucking reason that I told a kid to fuck off last night when he was being disrespectful to me on the phone! And that was for REAL money, not a one in 25 chance to win.
I fucking like my fucking human rights. So to everyone that doesn't fucking like it, you can just not read my fucking blog, because I'm going to fucking curse in every fucking one of my fucking posts from now fucking on.

for more on the subject of dumb fucks, check out THIS article.

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