Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ladder 49

The title was inspired by hearing Tom Petty

Thought that might make the little lady happy, even if she's 4 hours away.

So, today was overtaken by private thought. An emotional day, I can share that. A day thinking about everything that's been going on in the last few months and even before that.

I don't really wanna get into that though.....

So this movie makes me think about the ups and downs of life. The rocket emotion that comes from the heated moments in our lives, good and bad. But specifically, the greatness of saving somebody's life. The power that we all have to do great good in this world. And the fear that comes from doing the right thing in the face of great self-rewarding bullshit.

I'd rather be a fireman than a fucking desk jockey. Let my body be tortured rather than my brain. I mean, the absolute bordom of looking at a screen like the one I'm typing on, for 15 hours a day. . . F that!

Even in the teaching position I'm taking, I barely sit behind a desk. I'm up and running around. Lots going on, ever changing, day to day. Shit, minute to minute.

*Sidenote* and something I didn't think about til Just Now. It's the eve of 9/11 and I'm watching a movie about firefighting. Bravery. Courage.

Situation on the Street. Ambulance too. No fire but a picture of the truck they sent

Ok, so the movie goes on in Baltimore. Basically a different state, but Maryland. I'd have no problem workin' it. Maybe I can do it in the summers. Do they let you do that? 2 months on, 10 off? or something? I don't know. I wanna teach kids. I love helping people. Kids are great. But I can tell that I'm gonna get bored, even with that!

Basically, everytime I see something about firefighting, I wanna do it. Call me a 7 year old, but I really wanna get my ass in there and I think I'd be good at it. I mean, if you know me then you know I can't handle day to day shit for the life of me. The special situations is where I thrive.

To put it simply, I'll run into a building when everyone is running out.
(obviously a very strong movie)

.....more tommorrow. Well, later today

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