Sunday, September 04, 2005

A "Best of" before my real return....."Don't call it a warm up"

Ok, I haven't been around in a while because I've been writing draft after draft and if this one makes it up, it's a miracle cause I'm nice and toasty.

I have a lot of clips and links I've picked up along these past week(s)?

Here they are in no particular order:

Geeks, Dorks and More

Old News now, but still That's some funny shit. Greed Ladies and Gentlemen. Right back in your face.

A worthy investment?

Welcome to the NFL? Wait, that's the Other show on ESPN Eight (The Ocho)

Have no idea, but I laughed

Always a good thing to keep in mind (if near my neck of the woods)

(Yes, I'm working on a version of the Aristocrats non-sense. The same one I worked on 17 years ago)

Who sings that song, "The Last Dj"? (please invest. We all could get rich)

And you thought those 7-day Adventists were nuts? This is what I'm supposed to believe, Mom?

I mean, I can't stand the rat bastard but sometimes you gotta remember, your state has a duty too. Where they been?

Funny that I'm going through this list and found This One, cause we were talking with Nattalle and Jeff and saying we need to have a Mafia Night. K hasn't seen The Godfather Trinity and we could watch that and like 3 seasons of the Sopranos. Where did this come from? Have no idea. I wasn't even drunk.

I love this fucking Kitty-Bear. I missed him. I slept on the floor for a few hours with him the other night. This wouldn't be notable except he slept under K's night stand with me on her piles of clothes next to them both til around 1am.

Well, it's a view. But where the F is my bridge?

Now a break for our sponsers

Back to making fun of me. I actually believed THIS was real.

Went looking for THESE tonight, but couldn't find one I really like yet. Gonna work on it later. Well, prolly later later...after some sleep

Adult Swim

musta found this one on of my more mature days

yea, you saw it before. It was funny then too!

While I found THIS site a long long time ago and never posted it, it prompted me to look up THIS one.

That's it for now folks
Next will be IM funnies, just to keep up with the Jones' and more personal stuff about me and my schooling. What fun! So don't go away.

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honeykbee said...

You can't even commit to an itunes skin?! Man, I'm never going to get that ring...


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