Friday, September 23, 2005

CUC Update

Y'all know I'm in school blah blah PE teacher blah blah. Well, for those "haters" out there, WTF ya go to say about 'my doing well in school' now?

Introduction to Physical Education: '2/2' in homework, '9/10' on my on my Abstract (Awaiting my Test Grade)
Grade: A

Administration in Physical Education: '27/28' on my 1st quiz and '20/20' on my only homework
Grade: A

Sports Ethics: 'A' on my first quiz.(Awaiting the actual paper in my hand) Quiz 2 is on Tuesday.
Grade: A

Motor Learning: 'A' on first test (Awaiting the actual paper but the teacher I missed one but got the 2 bonus questions so "not to worry, you did great"
Grade: A

Theory of Coaching: 100% on my homework (Test is one at the end of the semester for certification)
Grade: A

Elementary Physical Education Methods: No Tests Yet
Grade: N/A

Methods of Teaching Reading Content: '15/15' and '9/10' on homework. (Class will be all homeworks and showing up for a boring ass, 3-hour class @ 7pm)
Grade: A

Sports Officiating: 'A' on my first quiz (second quiz is Wednesday)
Grade: A

What? What? That's right! Now let's get ripped 80s style !!!


honeykbee said...

Whereas I'm not quite sure what "getting ripped 80's style" entails, I do hope it involves laser tag and leg warmers.

I knew you could do it. But I'm bursting with pride, baby.

Anonymous said...

80s Style? Hmmm...maybe jamming with your boombox on your shoulder with playing with a rubix cube? Wait! Is it playing Ms Pacman with your Rhythm Nation album cranked?


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