Monday, July 18, 2005

The ESPY Edition.

The Best One in the World.

Think about it. Those words "There is no one better than me" becoming literal. It's just motivating when you see the best, Be the best.

Well, without further a due:


Best Female Athlete -- Annika Sorenstam, Golfer
HUGE arms
Best Male Athlete -- Lance Armstrong, Cyclist
Imagine that
Best Team -- Boston Red Sox
And you KNOW THIS!!!
Best Coach/Manager -- Bill Belichick, New England Patriots
Questionable call
Best Game -- ALCS Game 5 – Yankess-Red Sox
No Question
Best Championship Performance -- Curt Schilling, Boston Red Sox pitcher
Forget "Bleeding Heart Liberals", just a bleeding ankle
Best Male Olympic Performance -- Michael Phelps, Swimming
Even though he got a free gold medal (didn't swim the finals of a medley), gotta respect his ability
Best Female Olympic Performance -- Team USA Softball
Wouldn't know.
Best Moment -- Reggie Miller's final game
Nicklaus hadn't retired yet, so yea. I agree.
Best Play -- Blake Hoffarber's last second 3-pointer from flat on his back
I don't know. The catch by the college outfielder's catch; head over heels over the wall for it!
Best Upset -- Bucknell beats Kansas in NCAA Tournament
Kansas losing was enough ;)
Best Comeback -- Mark Fields, Carolina Panthers
Best Breakthrough -- Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat
Stupid injury, which he tried to play through, or else they woulda gotten the title. MVP Player in the making.
Best Record-Breaking Performance -- Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts
He's so fucking good, he deserved an ESPY
Best Sports Movie -- "Friday Night Lights"
Excellent flick. Right call.
Best Male Action Sports Athlete -- Dave Mirra, Bike Stunt
This Tuesday (maybe Thursday?) is the X-Games on ESPN.
Best Female Action Sports Athlete -- Sofia Mulanovich, Surfing
Girl without the arm? Either way, surfing is cool!
Best Male College Athlete -- Matt Leinart, USC Football
Excellent player.
Best Female College Athlete -- Cat Osterman, Texas Softball
Best Male Athlete with a Disability -- Marlon Shirley, Track & Field
Ok. Well, congrats!
Best Female Athlete with a Disability -- Erin Popovich, Swimming
Best Outdoor Sports Athlete -- J.R. Salzman, Lumberjack
West Virginia?
Best Driver -- Michael Schumacher
I'm a fan of the Titlest actually. (I don't play golf)
Best MLB Player -- Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals
Hmm. Too close to call.
Best NBA Player -- Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns
Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat? Shaq -Heat? Nash is there. Again, difficult choice.
Best WNBA Player -- Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm
I could TRULY give a F.
Best Bowler -- Walter Ray Williams
Coulda been Billy Ray Cirrus. I wouldn't care.
Best Boxer -- Bernard Hopkins
You mean, it's NOT Tyson?
Best NFL Player -- Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts
Unquestionable. Fuck you TO! Come back to Philly and get a ring, stupid.
Best Golfer -- Tiger Woods
Unquestionable. Forget the hype, it's the truth.
Best Jockey -- Jeremy Rose
No comment ;)
Best Soccer Player -- Mia Hamm
Didn't she retire? and hasn't the DC United won a championship like 4 times? You'd think a male athlete might win this one. (No, I'm not sexist if that's what you think)
Best Male Tennis Player -- Roger Federer
Sampras can kiss his shiny metal ass.
Best Female Tennis Player -- Maria Sharapova
Not to mention hot.

Best Poker Player: Winner WSOP 2005

Name: Joseph Hachem
Birthdate: 03.11.66
Birthplace: Lebanon
Current residence: Australia
Occupation: Professional poker player
Previous occupation: Chiropractor
Marital status: married
Number of children: 4
Other hobbies: Golf
Education: Bachelor's degree and post-graduate studes

Honorable Mention: A local at the final table.

Name: Steven Dannenmann
Birthdate: 8.15.66
Birthplace: Brooklyn Park, Maryland
Current residence: Severn, MD
Occupation: CPA and mortgage broker
Marital status: married
Number of children: 1
Other hobbies: Golf
Education: BS, University of Baltimore

For the rest of the field, Check the little BOX

Daily Sports Notes:

Tiger. Nicklaus. Rediculous. While I don't love golf, I can appreciate a 'perfect' stroke.

lead by 2:46 Lance watch

Sorry Sox. 17-1 doesn't mean shit when ya can't back it up. This is not the time for putting away your bats. I mean really, it wasn't your bats that made the 9th inning interesting. It was NY's errors, but that's technical talk that people reading this prolly could give a shit about.

(we missed our chinese food sunday night dinner. Pool, horses and beer took over.) Welcome Scott and Jason. =)


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