Saturday, October 06, 2007

Atlantic City Highlights

Very strange trip. Went from Great to not so good to shit to WOO HOO!!

Here's the short-n-sweet of it.


Started with $300 in the wallet.

Took $200 to the tables. Poker of course. Played tight but still had fun. People at the table kept it loose.

Left around 220am, up 160. Work day covered and then some, as I took off Friday to come to AC in the first place. I gotta pay for this thing somehow, right?

Well, time to try to sleep.....yea, that didn't really work. Got maybe 3 hours?

FRIDAY MIDDAY - after checkout, put bags in car, all showered up and ready to go.

Session 1:
This first session didn't go too well. My play wasn't terrible but the cards didn't come and got more blinded out than anything. --call it a loss of 60---

Session 2:
Here's where it all went wrong and I truly f'd myself:
About 5 hands in, I get aces.

This isn't new as it's prolly the 7th time I've gotten them this trip but this time, something feels weird.
Kid behind me bets 35 out of turn preflop, so I just lay down 35 and everyone folds but him and the guy in front of me.
Flop comes: 4,5,6 rainbow (none the same suit) Guy ahead checks, I bet something like 30. Guy after calls, other calls. Turn comes: 8
This is where I don't remember what happened but I bet more and the dude after folds, guy ahead calls.
River is whatever and I got all in. Guy ahead calls. He caught the straight.
I feel like a tard as I bet stupid and could have gotten the K,7 boy outta there earlier but I fooled around and didn't just get the preflop money and go away.

I lost the 200 I sat down with. I walk away feeling dejected. Oh, let me not forget to mention the boobie chick that was sitting across from me during my 5 second loss. Nnniiiceee but quick.

FRIDAY EVENING - killing time til after rush hour so we can get outta there. Have prolly close to an hour and a half and my wallet is in the car.

I find K playing nickel slots and tell her the quick saga. She offers me 40 bux in chips but the deal is, I can't be poopy if I lose. I agree and head back to the tables.

Well, I can't play poker as I don't have enough for the minimum buy-in. What to do, what to do....

Found what to do: Lose the $40 (found) at craps. "Crap!" So I text K who is basically right behind me. We talk about what happened and can we miss the traffic now?

I glance to my left and see a ticket in a video poker machine. While continuing our conversation, I grab what I think is going to be a 20 cent ticket. What do I find instead?

Found $195.00 Video Poker machine!!!!!!

I'm still in shock when K grabs the ticket and heads to cash out. I look around and we're not stealing it as there is nobody within 20 feet of us. Cool! We head out.

Off the Borgata property, Time to celebrate! WOOO!!!!!

Get back to the car and realize I didn't just have the 60 I won and saved but I also kept a hundey back too!

Shared the money with K. (50/50 baby) So all in all, almost break even. Good enough for me.

Now I'm watching the WSOP and seeing my mistakes and what I have to remember. Books aren't necessary, I just need to play more.

Also, keep your eyes peeled around the Casino for chips on the floor or tickets in the machine. Never know if it'll be 20 cents or 20 grand.

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Scott said...

gambling is bad, mmmKay?

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