Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beat those Hump Day blues - click to see how

Some smoke, some run, here's my answer:


honeykbee said...


Andrea's version is better, but still, I dern loves this sawng!

Anonymous said...

If the chain of associations be followed up which proceeds from one element of the dream one is soon led back to another of its elements.. The children, all crying when wakened from their sleep, were finally taken to bed by two servant maids, and Jane Watkinson, who never came back again.. We'll ask for Miss Champe Claiborne. Dat jest what Miss Hortense say.. In his early manhood the deacon was no deacon by a great deal.. As I remarked, nearly all parts of the dream have been brought into this new connection.. If among all the curious, useless, unheard-of words which may be picked out of the spelling-book, he cannot find one which the scholars have not noticed, he gets the last head down by some quip or catch.. And is he to be given up to? Speak anything, Benny, said Mrs.. I hope that the above discussion and examples will suffice--until further objection can be raised--to make it seem credible that even dreams with a painful content are to be analyzed as the fulfillments of wishes.. And naturally you--er--were not conscious of any cause for his doing so.. On a backless, cushionless sofa sat Mrs.. Moodily the elder pursued his journey, and as he rode, far off in the night there rose and quivered a plaintive cry.. The danger, which is due to the fact that the Forec.. Do see what is the matter, Ralph, said the blonde matron impatiently.. The stream of thought is henceforth subjected to a series of transformations which we no longer recognize as normal psychic processes and which give us a surprising result, viz.. He knew that Hotchkiss would at once lay the matter before rival counsel. ' I'm so glad for him.. We see now that this is possible in case dream-disfigurement has taken place, in case the disagreeable content serves only as a disguise for what is wished.. Her friend, too, had expressed a wish, namely, to get fatter, and it would not surprise us if our lady had dreamt that the wish of the friend was not being fulfilled.. through whose activity the expenditure of motility is now devoted to previously recalled purposes...

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