Sunday, July 29, 2007

Off to see the show

Thought there is a chance of thunderstorms,
and I even hear thunder already,
Off to the Poison show we go!!

Poncho: check
Crappy sneakers: check

Asshat: check (long story behind that one)

Ready to Rock!: -sigh- kinda?

anyway, have a good evening everybody and please don't tell me what went on on Entourage.
--oh, and won $50 last night at poker. Two wins in a row. woo!--


Beakerz said...

Rained least for us.

oh well.

carrie m said...

so you didn't go? every year it seems i'm out of town for the poison show. CURSES!!

lizzie said...

damn. you won $50. i won a measly $5 at my unplanned game of texas hold 'em on Saturday. so jealous. i got shitty hands all night.

Beakerz said...

Car - no, didn't go. I'm sure it was the great show it usually is!

Liz - I shoulda/coulda left with much more but my woozy kicked in. Eh. At least I won something. Was a really long drive. Not sure I wanna do that ever again, even if the players are nice.

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