Sunday, June 24, 2007

Have You?

How long? 27 days today! I'd say that's long enough for me to say that I've quit smoking.

This isn't as easy it looks.

Especially on days like today, when you take a break from training to just enjoy a sunny wonderful day.

but 27 days! WOO!


lizzie said...

when you're trying to quit, every day that you don't smoke is an achievement! congrats!

Scott said...

are you still allowed to smoke pole?

sunchaser said...


FYI, according to this month's Self magazine (and the medical journal "Addiction") low to moderate intensity (15 minutes of walking) keeps you from wanting to smoke for up to 50 minutes.

I've also heard that Snickers bars can help (or maybe just try both for twice the potency? :)

Beakerz said...

Lizzie - Another achievement day

Scott - only yours ;)

Sunchaser - the allergic reaction of death prevents me from taking your advice of the Snickers, but I do exercise close to 3 hours a day, so that does help with the cravings =)

Thanks all =)

Another day of success. WOO!!

honeykbee said...

What's the point of taking a 15 minute walk if you can't smoke?

honeykbee said...

Oh and congrats, bear =) you're doing great, honey =) !!

*mad virtual props*

KMAX said...

Congrats man! That's awesome to hear! I'm sure all the training is a huge help with that.

I need to get my act in gear and email you one of these days about the team tri bit. I'm definitely interested in doing that.

Miss Scarlet said...


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