Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Get a Runnin'

You've seen what Steve Slaton can do....Meet Noel Devine

I know this isn't the freshest of news to the world but I'm very busy training so I'm running off some older posts I never got to.

New News:
Meanwhile, I broke my toe last weekend, so I'm not running anywhere. Luckily, this weekend is a swim and not a run ;)

Swam without a wetsuit today.

1000 Meters, break for water
1100 Meters...Hot tub felt good.

Swim with the wetsuit tomorrow. Maybe even pictures too. Matters on time.


DaGince said...

I like my matters on west coast time...see what you can do would ya?

KMAX said...

Hey man, sorry to hear about the toe! That really sucks! Where are you swimming these days? Open water or pool?

honeykbee said...

Sorry about your toe, but is that a good excuse to make MY EARS BLEED?!!

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