Thursday, May 10, 2007

LOST - No Spoilers - and more...

Finally caught up on the last 3 weeks of Lost.

The show doesn't suck as much when you watch 3 in a row, first 2 without commercial breaks.
Did ABC have a night of super Lost reruns?

No, we watched online. If only all shows I liked to watch were online, then I could get rid of stupid Comcast all together.

At any rate, Lost were pretty excellent. I won't get into the details of it but just like the Soprano's this week: Something actually happened!

Must mean the season is coming to a close ;)

Anyway, off to bed....again. -sigh-

One of these days, I'll get paid to blog.....or at least have a job that allows me to blog at work. -sigh-

While, I'm unable to write alot, I have been able to take a lot of pictures.

I'll have a big photo catch-up blog thingy soon.

til then,

Lata Gators

oh yea...Cali/Vegas next Friday. woo hoo!

and finally, I'll fix the colors of the links soon.

Sorry. ____ Happens ;)


honeykbee said...

To bah, or not to baaaaaaah

(btw, "baaaaaah" is sheep for "wahhhhhhhh"!)

Red said...

I watched last weeks episode online last night too. I guess something was in the air to be caught up before tonight's episode.

janet said...

I seem to watch about 2 of every 4 episodes, so i am basically always confused!

honeykbee said...

you know you're not in really bad shape until you're shot in the abdomen in the middle of a pergatory jungle atop a heap of dead bodies. And even then you're likely to survive, you know, if your crippled legs continue to function.

HippieChyck said...

yup, i'm all about the dvds of the west wing - skip right through a power session; leave feeling pretty good.

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