Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I NEED your help and your Laughter

In a previous post, I have up 'Peep Wars' that my family held on Easter. A 'winner' has yet to be decided and I need your help.

I guess the 'winner' is decided by which one goes down first, turns over first, or blows up! first.

Please click HERE and comment so I can tell my Dad/opposition who won, via the populus vote.

Come on DC People (and beyond), voting should be in your blood!

Plus, it's pretty funny in my opinion. Just watch and see......and vote!

**Vote Sanjaya too


honeykbee said...

They both look a little overblown to me... =)

Carrie M said...

I am so disturbed that Sanjaya wasn't all that bad last night.

Oh the humanity...those poor peeps! I don't know who won, but I'm going to go with you since I don't know your dad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whichever won was you, that's the won that one

E :) said...

You won the Peeps battle for sure, but your Mum wins for the best comment. I love how she apologises to the little guys/gals! That was great.

honeykbee said...

I agree with e :)! Your mom wins!

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