Sunday, March 18, 2007

Splish, Splash, I'm back in the bath

No soap necessary or even wanted, as I plan to sweat and glide. sweat and glide.

In my fight to drop a few of the fat pounds without losing muscle, I got back in the pool on Saturday. Yes, I realize it's Tuesday but I've been super busy with grading papers. Ugh!

Look tomorrow for my Atlantic City story.

**Pics included**

Meanwhile, off to lift some weights. Good luck to anyone trying to get back in shape.

Triathlon season starts in a few weeks. I better hurry!

TONIGHT: West Virginia University on ESPN at 9:00pm Let's Go Eers'!!!


honeykbee said...

Let's go (b)'eers!

Stacy said...

What pool is that?
I wanna go swimmmmmmming!!!!!

Anonymous said...

how do you know if you're sweating??? also...are you saying that other aerobic activities would cause muscle loss?
- Cuz

Needtsza said...

That is RMSC

and Cuz,
You know if you're sweating because you feel like you're making the water surrounding you boil.

Aerobic activity taken to a level of unhealthy? Yes, you'll start losing muscle tone as your body begins to canabilize itself. This is why too few calories just isn't healthy and doesn't really work.

Time is a major factor in all of this. persistance in this case, as in life, is key.

Good luck to us all

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