Friday, March 23, 2007

Speeding toward Atlantic City - a week old

Speeding down the highway,

Atlantic City was within our grasp

But not really, as we got lost in the rain.

and thanks to an audio testimonial, K will never again use that 'stupid fucking worthless GPS pile of crap' again.

We had a Ffee room at the Borgata last weekend (Thursday/Friday)

I had this whole story built, but now it seems stupid to write it.
It basically ends with me winning over $400 in approximately 14 hours.

Lots of ups with only minor and temporary set backs. Just played tight.
This other kid left with 2 grand after about 10 rounds with me sitting there.
I think he had accomplished his goals as he called and got a room comp'd too.
Ok. I'm gonna shut up as this is over a week old

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Anonymous said...

Only one of those pictures is working.

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