Saturday, March 17, 2007

How You Seen This Person?

In 2007, my unofficial new years resolution has been to become a better me.

This morning, I undertake my civic duty in informing the police that a van's alarm has been going off for 1 minute every 17 minutes (a made-up number, but it sounds more convincing if you have an exact and a non-even number) and how do I have this car removed or it's owner arrested?Operator 12345 tells me that they can have an officer drive by and if the alarm is going off when they get there, they will try to find the owner and have them turn it off. I asked if they could have it towed and he said no.
I asked if I could have it towed and he said that I would need to be in touch with my property manager, to which I replied,

"They don't open until 10, so what can I do?"
"Sir, it's after 10 now"
"Oh. Sorry, thanks I'll give them a call"

So what came out of it was that the police aren't here to serve me because through past experiences I've learned that they don't hurry their asses unless you state that a child is being endangered in some manner.....and that my priority of figuring out 'how to change the time on my iHome' has been increased.**If you have ever noticed, it seems as if I jump around a lot in my postings. Unfinished sentences, etc. It's because I'm multi-tasking. Who says men can't multi-task?**


honeykbee said...

That dick!!

hopefully you will have better wakeups in your future.

Funny post (but for the waking up part)

Scott said...

multitasking? i thought it was just your ADD?

haveyouseenlucky said...

I think the solution is to admonish him by writing a couple sentences in egg on his winshield. Something brief like "U ass. be quiet."

If that doesn't work, I think your supposed to pee in his gas tank.

haveyouseenlucky said...

"you're" not "your"

karla said...

Then find a small child and tie the kid to the bumper of the car. The constant alarm noise will damage his hearing. Then you have a perfect right to call the police and say that the alarm is indeed endangering a child.

Stacy said...

For events like this I created a whole category ... "using the internet to tell someone to get fucked" ... or, put a rude and innapropriate note on the car window ... or, a picture of the car's license plate on the internet and then put a screenshot picture of that on the car ...
eek, I have more anger and hostility than I thought, I should go eat a cupcake.

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