Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Atlantic City Friday Night from 1030 - 700am

Ok. this is a really old post: like 2 weeks old, but given I'm about to go up there again this weekend, I thought I'd go back and find this one and just put it up.

***Below was written at 1230pm Saturday after sleeping on the drive home. Well, I drove for about 20 minutes. lol.***I guess it's taken me til now to just 'let it go' after some of my plays.

As much as I needed to fold K,J...I needed to play A, Q

I played really good poker last night.

Was up $180 at best and finished 50 bux down after my 8 1/2 hour sit.

Another PE teacher was at the table and I doubled him up 3 times.

He river'd me and actually put me on tilt but I made the mistake of not walking away.

Other than that, I had the table cracked. Stay out of the way of one other guy and attack all others.

I read their hands blind all night. They showed me. =)

Ready to go back next weekend, but with more rest.

How could I not with the funny situations people get themselves into from 4-6am.

I fought back from being down 3 times, but enough was enough when they credited our cards around 6am.
**I don't even know if this post makes total sense since I didn't go and edit anything. Hope it did. Either way, Let's just hope for a better outing this time. A free room at the Borgata certainly helps. Come lose some money to me Thursday night**


honeykbee said...

I love the picture story... love it =)

haveyouseenlucky said...

These pictures aren't showing.

Post does NOT deliver.

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