Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What kinda Candy Valentine thing are you?

Your Candy Heart Says "Cutie Pie"

You always seem to have a hot date, even though you never try to meet anyone.
A total charmer, you have a natural appeal that keeps you in high demand.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: multiple dates with multiple people

Your flirting style: 100% natural

What turns you off: serious relationship talks

Why you're hot: you're totally addicting
What Does Your Candy Heart Say?

Meanwhile, I think this thing is obviously wrong if it thinks certain things. Multiple dates? pft. Turn offs? pft. Though today, yea....not so into that kinda talking.
I'm not in high demand but I am flirty, I'll give em that.


Dara said...

Me too. It has got to be wrong.

E :) said...

Mine was frighteningly correct, I think. Thanks for the nod!

honeykbee said...

Thank you for digging out my stuck car and then making me Roma ricusso on Vajayjay day. That was truly spectacular. I love you

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