Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy Black History Month = No White Person Year

Question: When is White History Month? I hate the assumption that every other day or whatever, is white day. Bullshit! I don't mind learning about other cultures than my own, but if we really wanna be fair, we need White People Month or however the "PC" people wanna list it.

Shit, at least a "white day." Otherwise, the reverse racism is ridiculous and by pointing out "Black History Month" it's like saying 'sorry' every year.

F that. I don't and never did have a slave nor would I/do I want one. But we don't have a month that says sorry to the Jews, even though this country is run by the Christian right.

We don't have 'sorry day' for the illegal aliens, which btw...if they're illegal and we know it, aren't we breaking the law for allowing them to stay? I mean, what the fuck is this "find them work" shit or allowing people to chill at the 7-11 waiting for a day-job? Why not go over, check for ids. Those without, Toss out! Easy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against anybody but jesus. This kinda stuff just gets under my skin.


I'm still subbing. Still can't spell. Online for about 2 seconds, so Hello world.

See you soon again. Soon enough. Hopefully with something to say.

This is more of a test to see if it still shows on DC blogs as my template might be fucked up (imagine that)


Scott said...

I don't know ... but where's my fucking month?? Where is White, Irish, Middle-class Pansy(WIMP) day?

Steve said...

Right on! Preach Brother.

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