Monday, February 05, 2007

Random Links - yea, no superbowl talk here

Haven't done a Random Links post in a while so here goes....

For your latest Celeb news, try something other than Pink is the New and click HERE

Though most of you have probably lost that January Jolt for exercise, you can get back on track by tracking yourself at No, it's not the biggest loser, but then again...who would wanna be me? ;)

Moving on, if you still haven't figured out how to get some great tunes at work...or your company has shut down Itunes because of it making your law firm's system crash (sorry Joe), try You can make your own channels from Tom Petty or Foo Fighters, etc. and it will give you suggestions of music you might like too. I mean, it's no but then again, what is?

If you're bored of DCBlogs or just need a new pace because people don't update quick enough, you can try the search that Google gives you. It's a nice waste of time for a Monday morning.

You're gonna want to kill the sound for this game and maybe a popup to get rid of, but it's all well worth it as this addictive game got me through my substitute teaching job on Friday.

I guess I'm just in search of distractions. I was tapping out a song (DMB - Bartender) as I sometimes do and hesitated for a moment as I didn't want to wake the kitty. =\

Anyway, as a final random link for you Monday morning slack-asses (like myself): Anybody wanna explain to me how to use BitTorrent ? While I haven't really tried it, as a 'friend' said to me: You just wait and let other people get around and do shit for you.

Well, I guess I'll have some luck and someone will get around and help me figure out this (prolly) easy site so I can get some free shit (eat your heart out Rachel) as Limewire has been known to screw people's computers over.

Hey, if you have an even better site for free music/videos (mostly music), please free to let me know too.

Ok boys and girls. Go play. Ah...and if you get a good code for Nibbit, please let me know. I only know: EATDOTS

Happy Monday......Oh yea, and my DC Photo Gallery site has a new layout (see sidebar)


Marci said...

The bit about the January gym jolt is so true! I think this year the resolution goers died out by the second's got to be a record.

honeykbee said...

you're not going to find anything better (at least for free) than BitTorrent.

Hope the cold keeps the pre-valentines day rush out of the gym tonight...

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