Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome back to school/work!

I did get my new computer but I haven't uploaded any pictures of it. My HPdv6105us is told to me to be very popular. Fine by me. As long as it works for the next few years before I fry another motherboard (the source of my IBM T42's death) and I'll be happy.

More on that tomorrow as it's late and the Fiesta Bowl is crazy good!
**Late Edition Addition: 7 seconds left and BSU/OU are tied!! This after BSU throwing away a huge lead with approx. 1 minute left to go in the game to be down 7. This makes the WVU comeback look like nothing! What a shoot out! (Meanwhile, OU couldn't have covered the spread if you bet so =P if you did)

Speaking of: 2007 Gator Bowl Champs!!! WVU!!!!

I love you West Virginia University!

This done without Heisman hopeful Steve Slaton who took himself out of the game. Way to step up Pat White.

Did anyone Really think Coach Rodriguez would leave?!

Oh, and speaking of Champions ME!!

Anyway, welcome back to work/school kids. Hope the video made you laugh out loud like it did for me. (Thank you Junie for the email)


Overtime Win Boise State!!!!!

They used the WVU Statue of Liberty play! (Yes, we made it famous)

No, I didn't bet on them but WOW!!! The HUGE underdog! Hope for everyone in the New Year!

Congratulations to everyone. If you keep battling, anything is possible.

**Ok. No more late editions

***So I lied. A Boise State player proposed to the head cheerleader in marriage. She said yes.
Ok, NOW I won't anything more to say other than "ugh. Work is gonna sssuuucckkk as I 'wake up' in 4 hours"


Scott said...

OMG, that guy cracked me up. Thank you!

honeykbee said...

Glad you are enjoying yourself

Malnurtured Snay said...

Laptops are awesome. I love mine, but not to the point where I, y'know, have sex with it. I hope you're not at that point either because then there has to be an intervention.

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