Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Game Number 2 of the Week: In honor of Happy Hump Day - Revised

--Sorry about the red before. My rods and cones went into a seizure when I looked at my own page. Still, only one person has participated. I'd like to see a little more enthusiam, even if it hump day. Now get to work, I'm off to see my shrink.

Sticking to "Game Week", we have RICOSSO

What is it, you ask? Well funny that you should, as that's the game. It could be a product as our first spoofs were, but it could be something else all together.

So how will You use, Ricosso?

Our best quotes so far...........

- Ricosso to the Rescue

- Its ssssooooo Ricosso

- I'm gonna Ricosso you're ass

- Cover me with Love. Cover me with Ricosso,
bought to you by Italian Sauce, USA

A scent by Jackasses

- This savory sauce brought to you by Ricosso. Ricosso - the Flavor that Rescues.

*car must be bought by participant


MAD MAC said...

I am going to hit you with so many Ricossos you are going to be beggin for a Rascle!!!

Ahh Ricosso this!!!!

You know what you can go Ricosso yourself..

And last but not least Ricosso 'n ain't easy!!!!

honeykbee said...

Hi. My name is Cyro Ricosso. My family has been producing quality Ricosso products since 1842. Made with only the finest Italian olive oil and never any legumes. From our family to yours --Ricosso.

(Ricosso products may or may not contain legumes. Offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii)

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