Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just call me Monica

Meanwhile, a few of my posts have basically pointed to me being sexually confused: "I wish I had a vagina" and todays title at least.
Well, I get high and like to clean. I must wanna be martha stewart, who recently is back in trouble? Did anyone hear this?

Anyway, all is healthy in the male department, so don't Really call me Monica(scott). Even my father is continuing to heal nicely (so stop asking).

So I like to get high and clean. So I rearranged shit in the apartment and I had all this cool stuff I wanted to say but then Saucerful Full of Secrets came over

Anyway, I just wanted a more astetically pleasing atmosphere where I can do some reading for fun. I finished all my other bullshit work. yea yea for CUC. But until the cert is in my hand and a job in my pocket, there's nothing to celebrate.

So I'm gonna keep my brain working and read and draw and stuff. More music and poetry than tv and stress filed days.

Gonna try to not make the dc area suck as bad as I make it out to be. Positive thinking I think I believe they call it? You'd have to ask 'S'


Scott said...

i resent that!

dwb said...

if that's the case then the apartment must be spotless!

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