Monday, December 18, 2006

Why Sleep when you can....

Watch poker, play online poker and dream about how it feels to sit at a Real poker table.

Well, maybe dream isn't the right word, as we are talking about not sleeping. (sorry baby)

I just miss the feel of the chips on my finger tips. The constant shuffles of cards, chips, players from chair to chair. The grey sweatshirt, the shark boxers, the Ipod. Basically everything that encompasses the relaxation of just starring blankly at my opponents. Having to read their thoughts and strategies is Much more relaxing than analyzing my own.

My sister comes to town this Thursday and I'm gonna take her to AC for a day as she could Really use a day away. At this point of the year, who couldn't? I mean, I know I'm not alone in my wish for a snow day.

Yes yes, the kind of snow that even lets the federal govt close....since you guys work oh so hard.

and yes, I'm aware that it's stupid to stay up going into Monday morning, but it's 2am and my body doesn't let me get less than 5 hours of straight sleep if I hit the sack so at this point I'm screwed if I do, not as bad if I don't. Not good, but not as bad as breaking my work streak.

Ya see, being a long-term substitute teacher means I only get paid if I'm there. No freakin' sick days til mid-January. And only that, because of the deal MCPS gives long-term subs.

I'm just happy to be over 45 days (or 315 hours) which will bring me a $400.00 bonus come March '07 (and you thought your holiday bonus sucked...or came late). It also means I get a 10% bonus every hour I work. Not bad right? Oh to be a public servant. And not even get benefits.....2007 can't come quick enough!

Anyway, I look forward to having my sister in town, who arrives Thursday. Even though I know I won't see her everyday, mostly because I'm a lazy shit and won't feel like changing my life around a lot, I am psyched for her to be here as I don't really know that many people in the DC area.

Yea, I know of a few and I really like the few that care to share their time with me
(one especially) and yea, I have a few that are out of town but this is family. And family is good.

Love to my dad who remains stable (knock on wood) in the hospital for the moment.


honeykbee said...

Boy, you sure are lucky. I wish *I* could afford to go to Atlantic city.

Love to your dad. Be strong.

Needtsza said...

It's nice to have parents that support their children's need for some rest and relaxation.....and bonding.

And dad did great today, but I'll post about that in a min

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