Monday, December 25, 2006

The roller coaster woes continue

as if my personal life wasn't screwy enough, as the good news of my father coming home has started to settle in.....

I found out that as my father was checking out of the hospital, my uncle checked in. His heart has not been doing well for a while and while this wasn't a second heart attack, it certainly ain't good.

He is stable and when the time is right, will be moved to the nursing home/care center that my Grandmother was residing at for her final years.


My friend from childhood had twins! Christmas eve or day. Not sure, haven't spoken to her.
Congrats Jenni !!!

Merry Christmas =\


Chief Musical Ninja Monkie said...

Dude...sounds like you need a drink. Have one on me.

The View from Dupont said...

haha, your best friend had twins - mine eloped with two days notice! So much fun on the way to be there for it though, and now safely back in Dupont... have fun getting the new computer - we miss you too!

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