Thursday, December 21, 2006

7 periods to go go go (ho ho ho)

Between today and tommorrow, 7 periods til winter break.

Between a conversation of last night and these 7 days, I'm feeling par today. Define par? pft. I don't have the hours.

An update on my father (whom I haven't told the saga of yet) is doing much better - knock on wood- and might make it home for Christmas but I won't be accepting of his mortality being intact until he's Much better than now.

I'm glad my mom can be more positive and I should be able to take some solice in that, given she's a nurse and seen the worst of everything, but I can't. The scare of Thanksgiving changed me. I'm trying to see things differently, but I'm in a transition that will define the rest of my life.

Continue to send your prayers(or whatever) to my father.

Love you Dad (and you know how I feel about my father's actions 99% of the time)

And Happy Holidays or whatever (They've been cancelled on my end)

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes and hopes and etc etc for your Dad's recovery. You're right --- listen to your mother -- she's the expert w/ this stuff. And it always helps to be optimistic. The mind can cure.
Hope you had a good time w/ Michelle and Scott, and were able to distract yourself from your worries.
And of course...enjoy the fact that teachers get X-mas vacation!! Ooops -- winter holidays.
Your cuz.

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