Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Story of: Fish Egg

A rare allergy, fisheggs kick my ass!

This was determined when I had my second helping.

Given the genetic deposition children have of women with a fish allergy, Peanut allergy individuals have a rare chance to being allergic to
fish I guess.

Throat didn't close like peanuts, but my freaks out! No pics ;)
Learn something......or scroll past it for more bullshitting.

==Fish eggs==
fry hatching - the larva has grown around the remains of the yolk and the remains of the soft, transparent egg are discarded.

The most common reproductive strategy for fish is known as oviparity, in which the female lays undeveloped eggs that are externally fertilized by a male. Typically large numbers of eggs are laid at one time (an adult female cod can produce 4–6 million eggs in one spawning) and the eggs are then left to develop without parental care. When the larvae hatch from the egg, they often carry the remains of the yolk in a yolk sac which continues to nourish the larvae for a few days as they learn how to swim. Once the yolk is consumed, there is a critical point after which they must learn how to hunt and feed or they will die.

Salmon eggs in different stages of development. In some only a few cells grow on top of the, in the lower right the blood vessels surround the yolk and in the upper left the black eyes are visible.
A few fish, notably the ray (fish)rays and most sharks use ovoviviparity in which the eggs are fertilized and develop internally. However the larvae still grow inside the egg consuming the egg's yolk and without any direct nourishment from the mother. The mother then gives birth to relatively mature young. In certain instances, the most physically-developed offspring will devour its smaller siblings for further nutrition while still within the mother's body. This is known as intrauterine cannibalism.

More rarely, some fish such as the hammerhead shark and reef shark are Viviparity|viviparous, with the egg being fertilized and developed internally, but with the mother also providing direct nourishment.

I won't bore you all with the details of my death and rebirth, but needless to say, it brought a hard week to an end with a thunderous

So we bid you ado with the knowledge of The Departed as an all-time overrated show. Excellent, but a Goodfellas wanna-be. Ok ok, I'm late on seeing a lot of movies as Borat is past its due date.

After Work = 11am-2pm,

This weekend brings:

Dupont Circle Art Show

and prolly on next week, new Smithsonian exhibition?


Ashburnite said...

dude, your template is messed up again.

I'm not allergic to roe, but the texture really creeps me out.

honeykbee said...

I suspect it's not the template that is messed up again.

The f is a "genetic deposition"?! lol

Anonymous said...

SO i guess we won't going to a caviar Bar anytime soon...

Dirka Dirka... Mohammed Gihad

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