Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Where Did We Go Wendy?

"Somebody told me you were a bad ass?" - Dwayne (Will Gaines)

It's been my way since I was 14, taking my first swing over a keg at the local pool. I basically grew up there, learning to swim at 4, staying there for 3 practices a day except race day and rest day. Playing cards with, to becoming a guard. Showering in the chlorine and out to Maggie's. Flying down River Rd at 3am to sleep on the deck and start again.

Life's sorta just that way; cut and dry. The sun begins to fade as clouds come and pass, leaving shadows on the pavement. onto the leaves. onto the past.

Been left with nicknames, soon the sun comes for me. But not like before. When hiding meant getting a Rush.
Back when cool was cool. Clapton, Allmans, Dead,...

"Everything I've done in the past 3 months is because I was scared of something and no there ain't nothing I'm afraid of as right here. I'm fucking ashasmed" - Walker

Movies bring back memories. Some good. some bad. some clear. some hazy. From different times in life. College, high school, grade school. Crystal to hazy. Some good, some bad.

Some you're so glad are fucking over and done with. Some moments you wanna stay in til time ends .

Making better decisions, but based on experience and learning, which has been decidely embraced to the idea that you can learn from every part of life. The same life you've had since you were before you were even four. The life that won't end til the sun lays your body beneath the concrete.

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