Monday, October 23, 2006

PREVIEW of the WEEKEND.."What Was"

Well, there will be words to come along with many more pictures but I need to get up before dawn for work, then go to the DMV after work unless (by way of a miracle) I find my wallet.

The first picture, I must mention goes along with 1500 people booing ME as I left the Chevy Chase Stadium at UMD, as I was dressed in all blue and gold; Mountaineers Colors with a WVU hat and t-shirt.
Twas awesome. LOL!!

and below was from another Saturday Adventure......just wait and see what else I bring you ;)


honeykbee said...

awesome balloon knot, baby... I mean, shot! Awesome balloon shot!

Anonymous said...

The House Tour was so great, I saw the post on Velvet and since this is my first fall living in the neighborhood, I had to check it out. Went alone, which was a little odd, but worth it all the same...

The balloon pic is gorgeous! I've never seen one in person :)

Anonymous said...

House tour? What house tour?

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