Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Name Change but same 'Feel Good' Feelin'

Just so y'all know, I'll be changing my online name as I have no "Need" for this name anymore, as I am purging what was left of a friendship gone to frustration and stubborness.

Hopefully, DC Blogs will keep the same picture they use now.
I love it.

I won't get into it, but an end of a friendship is only reminded when I look at my log-in name.

Speaking of changes, in the next few weeks, you'll see a new template here too.

Less color, less random pictures everywhere. More down to business, but the bullshit will continue don't worry ;) If there is something you'd like, tell me in comments. (I can't wait for the bullshit comments from certain people)

yea. and Happy Halloween etc etc. Everyone has posted about it, so you'll get a personal story tommorrow...when I'm not about to pass the fuck out!



honeykbee said...

Oh the times, they are a channnnngin'

Lookin forward to the new template. Let's get fired up!!

Phil said...

You can change names all you want, but I aim to crush you this week in Fantasy Blogball!!

CreoleInDC said...

I came back tomorrow which is today...and no Halloween story! Spill it! LOL! (I'm about to read your blog to see if I can find out what happened with the friend. I hope you weren't hasty and that you really thought it through...losing a frend hurts like hell.)


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