Thursday, October 19, 2006

Busy busy but Friday off / Sushi Rant - update *Musta been really not psyched last night*

Thank god for Friday off! MCPS is giving us teachers a day to chill. Why? Who cares. I'll get into it on that day, maybe.

SO busy til then. Grading, working out, therapy (my guy and home-based).....Not much sleep and no online poker =(

Maybe moving, maybe not. There is a werid smell in the apartment so maybe That's a sign ;) Could just be me, given I haven't showered yet. and so begins the rant...

Love the sushi. I do, but what the fuck takes 45 minutes to prepare? It's raw fish on a bed of rice. How fucking hard is it?

Driving in the left lane at 4 miles an hour, I got ya. You can't fucking drive. But sushi God Damn It! 3 fucking seconds, but no. Let the round eye chill the fuck out.

Don't worry that the boy has definately burned the 650 calories he took in today. I'm Dying!! FEED ME!!! PLEEASE!!!

and I can't even find my fucking wallet! Yes, I'm back to losing shit. (not just my mind) So I'm off to try to find that. It's 11:41pm and I was 2 minutes late to work today from last night's late night.

FFFRRIIIDDAYY!!!!! Take me away!!!

oh yea. And the goodies ;)

Fuck you sushi people. I'll see you when I see ya.
Til then sports fans, let's hope I can get back on this blogging thing as I have a lot to say, but no time to do it.

Love to all....and if sounds like I'm talking shit that makes no sense, it's for reasons listed above and some not listed yet. ---Stay tuned---

P.S. - Know anything about fantasy football? Please give me a tip or two, I can't win for shit

***Update - YAY! I get to blog tonight***


Joel said...

the best way to win is to start players on the Raiders offense...especially this week.

NoodleP said...

we could have been to baltimore eaten and back before they bloddy serverd us the other night - and then to give us food to make up for it. It would be one thing if it was something we all ate - but TWF was that pepper looking thing?

Next week - baltimore!!! I'll drive!

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