Friday, September 29, 2006

Were you in the Job Meeting at 9?

I'm in one of those "I don't give a fuck moods". As I'm told this is life and I'm the driver. I choose my own consciousness, disallowing for unconsciousness 'on time'.

The 9 am meeting in 6 1/2 hours plays to the rules of a game that is necessary only because it's been decided for me. So tell me, Am I truly the driver?

Society vs Individual

We all play it daily. "That's bitch."

While some of us agree the premise of Fight Club but are resigned, knowing it isn't possible.

What the fuck did I do til 3:09am (current time): Skipped the normal bullshit. Nice feeling.

- Thought about what Dennis and I talked about, but this ran in the background.
- Wrote on here obviously, but more toward a post that I couldn't finish. A poem for you Caffe people.
- Played with what I owe out and was owed $8.88 for about 10 minutes. Now down a few hundred more. And that's without poker.
- Didn't play the above tonight. Working on giving that up in the evenings. Not because I lost, but actually since I won two nights in a row, I'm feeling my addictions come about.

I didn't workout.
I did smoke (and smoke)

- Messed with html (lookie the fucked up place that is this blog still)
- Didn't fuck with photos
- Downloaded some music:
----Genesis (did I mention this was my first rock concert? yea. I consider it rock..or did)
----Jack Johnson
----Foo Fighters

- Listened to musicians as well. Working on a more than over due cd for K. Happy birthday back in May, not that these songs are on the disc, I might add.
-------Foo Fighters (not Goo Fighters;)
-------Genesis: Invisible Touch. In the air of the night
-------John Mayer
-------Duran Duran
---- Death Cab for Cuties
- Heard a song I love to play Angel from Montgomery play in tonight's movie: Rush
- Put a new 'wood' theme on Firefox
- Watched pop-ups show incoming emails by way of Trillian
- Tried out the Beta Yahoo. Switched back in 5 seconds because of the giant advertisement on taking up an 1/8 of the screen on the right hand side. (Trust me, it sucks)

- Played on DS Lite
- oh yea. 100% on my online quiz, but forgot to email my old school and remind them to take their heads outta their asses. The online class is easy as piss and I can see why my old school wanted me to teach it. Christ, they offered me a college level teaching position for the class I am now forced to take online.
- Speaking of teaching, I have my first meeting tommorrow with the two other health education teachers at 9am. Will you be there?
Stream of consciousness done. No conclusions made. Learned a lot.
Finally sleepy 3:27am

See ya back in reality in 5 1/2 hours.

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Chief Musical Ninja Monkie said... at 3am. Been having a lot of those lately too.

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