Monday, September 25, 2006

My New Toy, but I need your help

So my chicka has been talking for weeks? months? about getting the Nintendo DS Lite.

So she actaully got me one too!!!
Thank you boo boo.

Now here's the trick, I need to find a game. Anybody have a DS lite? Shit. I know a few of you do.

What do you play? If you know me at all, what do you think I should play?

If you don't know me, ask abou me and maybe through the therapy of online blogging, you'll help me find the perfect game.

The perfect game will complete my life. LOL!!!!!

What about this one? It was recommended. Thoughts? Ideas?

Well, off to bed. Teaching CPR in the morning =)


Hunter said...

What's up Brian? Are you still the sarge? Give us a ring next time you're in NYC.

Joel said...

Sonic Rush. it's hard, though...and the New Super Mario Bros is really good too...

honeykbee said...

Get your own gd nintendog.

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