Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Sunday Links

Because I haven't been to Blah blah blog in almost a week until tonight, I'm gonna give people something to do on a boring Monday.
In the way of fitness, this LINK was interesting.

This LINK is an animation from our friends at The Howard Stern Show in honour of my being able to listen to the show non-stop online.

HoneyKBee drew me in with her 'helecoper' game. My best is 1862. Fuckin' addicting, I tell you!

Honorable Mentions (basically, if I like you, recognize you, something to that affect:
Karlababble - Happy to have ya back visiting
Velvet in Dupont - becoming more of a regular and hugz to her
Neurotic in Ashburn - Virginia, bleech
Congrats to my man, Piven btw!

I didn't watch any of that bullshit known as The Emmys but I did watch the latest installment of Entourage.

Fantastic as always, but I'll leave you to see the reruns.

Off to bed...or am I?


Velvet said...

Thank you. I'll take those hugz!

Dara said...

Thanks for the link. I'm glad to amuse people with my very bad videos of a very good concert!

honeykbee said...

I'm sorry but Jeremy Piven is hot.

I'm not entirely sure when that happened and yes I do find it somewhat disturbing.

Needtsza said...

lol. He's carizmatic. I'm not sure that makes him 'hot', but I hear ya.

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