Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sat & Monday - Finally Positive!!!

Saturday Night: Nats vs. Mets

It was more like a long ass metro ride with a few innings of baseball in the middle.

Even with the lines as if the game hadn't started, we weren't the only ones arriving in the middle of the fourth inning.
I did get to make the person serving my beer and two sausages' day by thanking her and relating to her struggle with the hostile crowds of hungry/thirsty fans.
Her smiled warmed me, as I knew I had made another person happy, as she was satisfying one of my natural needs. While it was no grey goose, the beer was at least cold. They guarnteed.

The lines at the beer and sausage stand took forever, but I did get to make a lady's day

Beer was my savior from the chaos but the cup was incorrect 5 mins in.

Now about .....

Growing into the next Luray Caverns?

And we sat down in the 6th inning.

Our viewpoint for section 440.8.2

Wrong team scores, but you wouldn't know it by the crowd as they chanted different M-E-T-S cheers.

Maslow at work here. These self-actualized individuals prance around for our enjoyment at $15.50/hour.

"the horror.......the horror.......the horror"

I-66, this one's for you.

As time is running out,
Sornano, we need you! can be heard in my head

Strike 3...

It's Rally cap time!

Alas, we were left without no more runs scored.

Time to get back on the metro.

Home. Smoke. Bed.

I'm skipping Sunday. No particular reason other than I wanna just move on and get caught up.

MONDAY, August 14th
"You need tension on the string to make the music" - guy on saved

But too much or too little and CUC is born. These morons finally got their ass in gear by way of my advisor. She finally returned and things at least appeared to move smoother.

Saw a professor, an advisor/professor, an athletic director, a department head, and the registrar.
It all proved to be a wonderful day as I registered for the classes I took and passed, my RAP sheet "cleaned up" so everything will be order for when my Praxis 2 scores come along (there are still things to be done, but we're much closer!), and was hooked up with a WSI teacher and wavier at the end of the rainbow!

I'll have details all in good time, but we're happy for now and that's good enough. Good enough to go for a swim and rework my strokes. Have to limbering up a bit for the WSI class.

A really positive day.

I'm tired. I'm sure I've forgotten to say a whole lot. Less pictures would prolly make life easier.

What I figured out about poker.
I don't have to really think during it, yet it keeps my attention. Some psychology works that way and teaching does.
Other than that, I'm pretty lost.


DaGince said...

Not to up on the ole' baseball deal..however I like your reverso hat...

honeykbee said...

Some metro riding with a few innings inbetween is right! HA!

Ok so I have a question... Was it me (and my oversalading of late) or were those sausages at RFK dern tasty!?

Love the photos! Keep em comin', even if it takes longer to post. (Not that you asked, but that's my vote).

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