Monday, August 28, 2006

A pile of bricks and other useful things...

This is what the morons at Columbia Union College have in their heads! Freakin' retards.

The only justice in the world would be for me to beat the shit outta these people until they were in the Hospital. None and now I mean none, of them understand or Have understood what my goal has been.

How fucking hard is it? I don't get any clearer than when I say, "Get me to be certified within one year. Whatever it takes, I'll do it." I took 24 credits one semester, 21 the next. That's after I took their damn "Jesus and the Gospels" bullshit class and before giving up my entire summer to work with retards (professors). What the fuck is wrong with all the tofu eating, no brained, I can't fucking listen for a god damn second, god people? I chase them all year long and they still fuck me in the end.

Fuck em aLL!!!

God has got to hate them. either that or he hates me. I mean, jesus christ. was I UNCLEAR when I said 1,000,000 times that I chose your fucking God school so I could be out in ONE YEAR.?!! I took a god class. I took 24 credits a semester. I worked hand in hand with some of the most stupid people I the world. I spent countless hours, like I was writing for a Graduate degree, in the library. I've wasted time, energy, anger, sweat and now tears, over these mother fuckers.

Holy shit Do I ever hate everyone at CUC. If I could murder people and get away with it, NO fucking problem! I'd do it barehanded. And I'm sure these pussies are no match for a guy who would gladly throw his car at them.

"I will hit you with my car" is god damn right! And for all god lovers out there, yay you. Fuck people that worry about my saying god damn it. Because I WANT god to damn them. I want them fucking dead and gone and outta my way.

Take the whole fucking college. Take all those stupid motherfuckers that won't amount to shit anyway, and throw them on an island and sink the fucker! I want them UNDER the island as it sinks.

What is the most tortureous way for somebody to die? That's what I want.

My own god damn advisor, who I trusted when she said I'd be out in a year, the one who has understood and tried to work with me, the one who offered me a teaching position at the god damn school......Even She got it wrong!

There is no way I wasn't clear. Nobody else takes 4 years of college in 1 year. I DID IT! Except for Kinesiology. Which now turns out to be the very thing that is going to hold me back. You know the thing that she said wouldn't be a problem . She's my advisor and set up my schedule. Now acts like she doesn't know shit. And Maybe she never did!

You wouldn't even believe this fucking course, btw. The course that my advisor is forcing me to take, is the same one that I would have been teaching for her. WHAT THE FUCK KINDA SENSE DOES THAT MAKE?!?!!?!?!?

You dumb fuck! Black, white, ......Seven Day Adventist! whatever!!! You Finland fuck! All you retards that are heads of your department, I could run that school better if I was DEAD! You monkey-faced bitch! You fucking screwed me!!!

You give mis-information, lead people to the road of insanity, and piss me off to the point of murder. How 'Godly' is that!?

Jesus H CHIRST! Strike them the fuck down!

If anyone has any ideas on how to fuck these people over, get past this shit mentally (as you can tell I'm livid beyond), or generally make it so I can not have to do this crap and I can actually get what I was promised, I'm all ears. I will try almost anything, so I wanna hear some fucking feedback.

**To all God people and people of color, I'm not a racist and your religion is your deal so do what you want. These are my thoughts so I really don't wanna hear shit about how I said this and that about black and white and God and blah. That's not the feedback I'm looking for****

I'll prolly be adding to this or posting more about it. Shit, I'm sure to post more about it as I take the retarded online class that I coulda taught. I mean, I'm a personal trainer (for over 5 years), an American Red Cross CPR/AED for the professional rescuer instructor and have already taught one year of Real-Deal middle school Physical Education.


(btw, I have two tickets to the Skins/Ravens game tommorrow night with a parking pass if anyone would be interested in buying them)

I'm so livid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and Fuck spelling!!


honeykbee said...

you are clearly beyond consolation.

The only remedy I could offer would be to turn off her cable. =(

Law-Rah said...

Um, wow!

Honeykbee...give the man a hug!

Scott said...

sounds like a hug and a shitload of xanax are in order.

::here's the hug::

Miss Scarlet said...

Fuckwits! I hate them, too.

dwb said...

well, at least you aren't missing one guy for your FFB league, because that would REALLY suck.

Siryn said...

I'm speechless. Sorry to ask a dumb question but what were you going there for?

Seth said...

Tell me how you really feel about it. haha. But seriously, if the school made promises that they did not fulfill and you can prove this and show damages, then you could sue them. Do you have any e-mails from your advisor? Or would she be honest if asked to testify or give a statement? Your damages would be an additional cost incurred, plus possibly the lack of income generated since you aren't certified yet and therefore can't work as a teacher. Also, you may be able to add on pain & suffering for the fact that you took an overload of classes due to their false promises and that you are now stuck taking a single class instead of working, as well as the frustration you've suffered (to say the least).

My other advice: press the EASY button!

NoodleP said...

Holy Bat Shit! Wanna burn something? Like a couch, a chair. I could build a spit somehow.....

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Fuck 'Em! Rock on B-man. Booze is here if you need it. Just give me a call.

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