Sunday, July 30, 2006

Link Sunday, to be Saturday Linkathon

Because I'm lazy, here are some things I read. You read it.
My favorite blog quote of the week came to me today by way of My Boyfriend Is Crazy around 2:41am

A blog my boo has been back to enjoying more and more this week would be an internet fan favorite Pink Is The New Blog

Strange Movie of the Week was Me and You and Everyone We Know. There were goldfish riding on cars.

Hopefully you noticed that I'm making changes on the sides. If you're a regular reader, send me the url to a picture you'd like to get link yourself to. . . You know what I mean. I'm just tired. I'm also looking for color changes, so any real ideas you wanna throw my way, we'll see if you've read me correct. Again. Bedtime.

This movie is total bullshit. Even for an Indie flick.

Night y'all.


Miss Scarlet said...

That movie was different. I think I liked it...

honeykbee said...

I think I might have liked it if not for all the "back and forth" pooping. Disturbing.

But otherwise, interesting. I guess it was trying to say that everyone is crazy?

(now Joel is going to run off and Netflix it)

DaGince said...

You're the crazy one, no you are, no you you are..nour...nour, nou..nor,n or u..? UN OR...! RUN!!

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