Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Late Quickie

Still studying, so I really haven't had time today. I'll do my best to put up a real one tommorrow

So I could have on with my scheduled life of studying but I had check out a few blogs and I-66 had terrible news. Redskins Fan Appreciation Day is on August 5th. Of course I have the praxis 2 that NY!

That's right sports fans, I'm taking a test for the state of Md in Brooklyn, NY.

Meanwhile, I gotta get my shit done by Saturday. A friend is having a party and I'd like to actually relax, rather than have one of my flashback freakouts like the last time I was there.
Dude, that scared the living shit outta me! I mean, no shit!

At any rate, I don't know if I could be more burnt out from studying and writing documents.

It's so close...the end. Monday would be nice.

So I have all these stories and pictures and stuff, but no time. I really wanna share with the world. So I really hope to soon soon.
Sorry to those people that look here for entertainment. I hope that at least the side fun has provided you with a bit of entertainment. Well, I'll keep uploading more to Imagestation (Thank you June for putting me in touch with this online catalog. I like it more than Snapfish)

Well, Law & Order is almost over so I'm gonna go read a few other people's blog then work a bit more. Oh yea. So I cut some people's blogs off the side. If I didn't say this already, I did it because I either don't read it enough or get any comments from you. Blah blah blah, you're gone. Want back on? Lemme hear from ya. (Sorry Deatoni but you don't even have a blog so you can continue to keep your mouth shut)

Last Word.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY yesterday my boo
Happy 7-11 day yesterday too.


honeykbee said...

Please. I know you're in it for the slurpees.

honeykbee said...

btw, when cheesecake factory has a freebie day, I'm totally going to weeze the everlovin' juice out of that whipped cream machine.

Deatoni said...

Cheesecake factory! Fuck yea! *droooool*

Congrats on your 5 years together you two.

Anonymous said...

"studying" must be the latest fashion trend to reach us from Paris? a quote from a student studying his medical BOARDS exam... "it's so sad when the least amount of time spent studying in one day is 10 hours " Good Luck...pass with flying colors!

Needtsza said...

Thank you Anon. I'll be doing my best to.

and if this is the latest trend, I hate the french even more! ;)

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