Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm still alive. Sorry Mexico.

Just woke up from a Benedryl coma.

Here I was, having an extremely productive morning, on-track to finish two of my six papers, with 2 more close behind. Finally, right? It's only been weeks of hour upon hour of reading, writing,

Well, K awoke and I asked her to lunch so she swung by and we were off to a new deli. Given the deli was also a beer and wine store, we abandoned that idea. After driving from place to place and exchanging many squinted faces, we decided upon a Mexican place we'd never been to.

I got the special and internally joked about the scene in Space Balls, when the little monster jumps out of the guy's stomach and starts dancing and singing.
That is, after he eats the special.

I should have followed Lone Star and Barf's advice and ordered the soup!

I don't know what you know, but I've never heard of a peanut being introduced to a mexican meal, but even after checking with the 'cook' and getting the 'go-ahead' because the who would think of peanut being in my beef enchiladas???

Well sports fans, it must be because benedryl was the cure to whatever one bite of this shiot caused.
Of course that stopped my productive day dead in it's tracks. From Library to Lunch to Home to coma to now. With the exception of two clients and getting coffee, that's my day so far.

As I awaken, the news is on. Well, here's some news I found from our Washington Post Express.
I wonder how much federal money was spent on This? Meanwhile, at least they had boys as well as girls (and this statement has been brought to you by: the sexist police)


Redskins Fan Appreciation Day is Total Non-Sense Day. Why?
No Autographs - That's appreciation?
$25.00 parking - This is a free appreciation day?!

One more asshole move by Snyder! At least the people get a free game vs. the Ravens. While I'm in Brooklyn taking my test. You'll have plenty of time to wish me luck. I'm outta here next Thursday for my Saturday test, so you'll have to put up with me a little while longer ;)

and with a bit more local sports....Good Luck tonight Nationals
as always GO RED SOX

**Don't forget to put in your two cents about the great peanutting**


honeykbee said...

My poor little peanut... =\

Btw, I tried to read that article (the 50 most bla bla bla) but those people really, really scare me.

Needtsza said...

I just looked at the pretty pictures. LOL

Dara said...

Peanut in beef enchiladas? Since when?
You think they cooked using peanut oil?

Dara said...

Peanut in beef enchiladas? Since when?
You think they cooked using peanut oil?

Deatoni said...

Probably some kind of peanut oil in the enchilada sauce that the cook didn't know about. Sucks man..friggin peanut! Why do you have to taste so good with butter!!

I like how theres a beauty pagent in our government offices. NOW git back to work ya buncha pork belly pigs

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Forget the peanut and dear death experience. Let's talk about the hotties on the Hill. With few exceptions, I would most certainly shag those chickies. LOL!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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