Sunday, July 23, 2006

Going to See Melinda - Movie Reviews

Been couped up inside and been off still working on a couple of 'good' blog entries all week but...

Yesterday, my lady flew in an late; following the theme of her entire trip.

She said she'd live there for a few years, so I'm gonna look into how the teaching degree.
Either way, WELCOME BACK!!!! We had a


Capote -
Trying to watch Capote, but now, in the 124th minute, the peerflix movie has begun skipping.
It was a long ass week. Worked and worked, ate, and worked some more. Missed my girl.
127, we're back.
and skip to the end.
How was it? Good, but award-winning based on who was voting. Seemed like it would have been better if I knew more about the man before the movie. I didn't get what all the hype was about so I must still be young. Yay!

Our second movie was:
Melinda & Melinda
Character development intertwining.

Watching Melinda & Melinda and a monologue by Melinda in the park, post lunch, she said something I totally believe: Men find women more attractive in sweats over all dressed up.
A more musically framed melodrama

The first Melinda is focused on more while in the second Melinda

Second Melinda: WIll cheats on wife after going to Belmont:
This is a good movie as Kenny Bobby and the 40-yr-old virgin from The John Stewart Show are friends in the second Melinda.
Ron Burgendy is pretty funny in a "goofball gone serious" performance. The guy plays the same person, a functional return but quick and witty. All situations.
Amovie themed comedy.

No actor has me thinking, "I'm so like that"

Comedy and Drama look on life.

How'd I do? -Check IMDB-


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