Monday, July 17, 2006

Espy-cially Terrible

"First, I'd like to Tivo; for allowing me to forward through some of the non-sense."
Why do I watch such crap?

Well, here's what I was writing while I watched all stoned:


Me: dude, i'm watching the espys and just saw a lady shot in the back of the head
Me: i'm not kidding!
Me: why is marey carey at every awards show?
Them: because she loves the black
Me: and they love her
Me: it's unreal
Me: they have sexy chicks for the sake of sexy chicks
Me: and they try to sell at least one movie per show
Them: youre complaining because..
Them: oh that shit..yea i hate that
Them: i have no desire to watch that will ferrell movie
Me: i love watching the usc/texas highlights:)!
Me: and flutie drop kicking it

TO on stage,
Jake Jilly is gay,
Yes Yes Funny Funny.
Back to the awards

The music, the retarded basketball player
I just fast forwarded for so long
only to see him 'Thank God'

Do you know what God is? If you do, then you're not really mentally challenged and wtf do I care that you made a few baskets? And if you don't, then how can you thank something you can't comprehend, much less believe in?

Confusing shit, these award shows...Confusing how ESPN can turn sports against itself by making it drag out forever.

Wait, now they're about to have a concert? The OJs? Are they kidding?! Look like trash men with a band name of a free-walking killer. But they only backed up an inspirational rapper. Of course, don't forget the choir.

It's like watching the Superbowl Halftime only it's a sports award show. This is what I'm talking about:
Me: yea. and i now hate award shows
Me: too much bullshit
Me: but i thought you liked em
Me: even if it's sports

:skip forwaed:

Oh Thank God, It's over.
I didn't even watch half of it because of Entouage (A special shout out to my Series 2 again)

Gotta say, even though I'm biased and stoned, I thought the UA commerical was cool. Once.

Well, I just hope that people did well on their bets.
........ESPY RESULTS 2006.........

Oh yea, and thanx again Sarah and Joel for the party.


I-66 said...

I didn't even come close to watching it. Besides, why TiVo when you'll get to watch it almost anytime you want to over the next couple of months via numerous ESPN reruns

Needtsza said...

Tivo allowed me to gun through the long parts. I knew it'd be on about 100 more times in the next few days, but having the ability to save myself a few hours of non-sense and just watch the highlight (a la my own Sportscenter), all the better =)

I highly recommend it

MappyB said...

Hey B - Thanks for the comment about the photos. The pictures were actually taken with a digital camera, a Nikon D50, which is built like a film camera, with lens capability, etc. My man is a photographer, so he knows more about it than that, but he loves it b/c it is digital, but is a 'real' camera....You should look into it, he loves it.

I have a crappy FujiFilm digital camera, which can zoom about 10 FEET! It's amazing. I highly don't recommend it. :) Although all the photos on my site, with the exception of the post you commented on, have been taken with the Fuji. Ok, I'll end this fascinating novel of a comment now! Have a good night!

honeykbee said...

poo. I was hoping for a tryst story.

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