Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tom Petty Day!!! Part TWO of Two

A Tom Petty picture story

For those of you, K, that say that I put up messages like: "I'll be putting pictures/video/links up later" but never do, this one's for you.

Who could that be? It would be none other than Peter Bogdonovich with his crew

The crowd gets settled....

Let the SHOW Begin!!

Rock On!!

Tom wants to hear it from the crowd....


Welcome Mike

Welcome Stevie

Are they really done?

Jam, Jam, Jam...

Rock, Rock, Rock...

WOW! What a Show!


(Check out the real lighters! and not the cellphone sea of most shows)

Looks like we might have em!

Let em Play Play Play

OH NO!!!

They look tired

Take your bows, you deserve it

Time for Parking lot fun!

Thanks again Tom, for one of the most wonderful evenings of my life. Floyd runs along with you for the best show ever. I just can't decide.

OK. Coming Up (Don't even start, K) -----> Link to a more colorful, but blurry Petty Photo Montage.


honeykbee said...

That was great, honey! I have total Petty envy.

dwb said...

Montage....montage...montage (I wasn't even there for that joke but you keep bringing it up so now it's funny to me).

Anyway, that show definitely didn't suck it seems.

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