Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thanks to Friends of the Feel Good Production

Given I have so much to do and not much time to do it in, I wanted to share some pictures for those readers that give me comments and the love I deserve where the blog is concerned.

Ya see, I've been trying to figure out through IP Addresses who really reads my blog on a regular basis and a picture that might fit them. Ok, so I'm dork. Anyway....

Let me appologize now if I don't mention you. I might not know you well enough for me to post a picture that fits you. I'd like to! Please comment so I can get a better feel for ya.

In addition, I'm trying to add links to the sides for my readers too. For example, K reads MSNBC on the daily, so I hooked that up. Gimme more feedback (positive Scott) about what you'd like to see more of, have links of, who you are, etc etc.

I aimz to please, and not just myself =)

Let me start by welcoming back any DC Bloggers that visited yesterday due to my first mention in the Washington Post Express
Hope y'all stick around for more fun and hijinks
Just as Important, if not more so....
I've had a LOT of traffic from other Petty Fans, so here's to you!
While I haven't had as many, to my fellow DMB fans....

Yea, I don't even know who you are, but DOE people are all OVER my site

Now, onto the speciality pictures:

Let's start off with the boy who has made this site the way it is, well the template at least.

For you Scott, my lil'Delirium

"What's better than Meat and Potatoes?" - K
"Meat and Meat" - J

Right Joel?

And to the man with the Wonderful TV, thank you for visiting. You have become one of my more regular readers, though I haven't figured out which IP is yours. Very sneaky sneaky.

And to my man Stan. You never comment, but still visit as much as Ziff will allow. Sorry we lost you to the dark side and lost your blog, but keep on keepin' on brotha man!

For the one they call: KassyK

From where? Brooklyn baby! (Sorry, no Jersey for ya)

Really though, what do you care? You're a DC Blogger now!!

Well, Virginia viewers. You've been lumped in with the A-hole that hit my car 8 months ago. No offense to you, but when I think about Virginia, I think of the 6-pts I have on my license (only in your state), the death of my grandmother (as she lived there for her remaining years til her passing), and the bunghole that death of my Triathilon season for 2005-2006 winter/spring.

No worries, I'm back on the road to recovery and training again (Hence my run yesterday).

Anyway, glad to have the Good Virginia people visiting.

For Ed. Well, you might not be able to gamble for shit and I don't even think you own a bike, but when I saw it in Vegas......sitting all pretty and ready to rock, I thought you.

Thanks for keepin' it real!

For all the Nationals Fans!

I've seen ya checkin' in from time to time.

While I'm a Red Sox fan moreso, I have to give some love for the home team.

Different leagues makes it ok, right? No? Eh. F that. It's fine til the playoffs.

No, Dagince. I won't forget ya. Even if you're never on IM anymore. I see you checkin' it.

Chin chin and all that.

Well Matt, I know you're the one who really checks out the blog daily and I appreciate that shit, though I haven't seen Revlon in a couple days now.

Either way, nobody wants to see your mug on here, so I'll put up your pretty lady, figuring you'd wanna show her off anyway. ;)

Of course, your lady can only be outdone by my one and only, shy of camera HoneyKBee!!!

Without you, I wouldn't be motivated to do.....damn near anything!

------Never Forget------

Well Folks, if you didn't see yourself represented, I totally forgot you, or would like to see yourself in the future, please start commenting/sending emails/IMs/photos/underwear ;)

I'll welcome you to the press friendly Feel Good Production that is this blog.

**A special note to Natalie, Lynn and Angie - I didn't know what to put down as your pictures. Either that or too many came to mind ;) I'll get ya next time no worries**


Joel said...

ahh, meat and meat.

dwb said...

wtf, where's my shout out? f that, I'm disabling the tv this weekend....

Needtsza said...

You're there. What's the problem?

honeykbee said...

LTB!! But I do hope you learned a lesson...

Purchasing a halloween costume PRIOR to October 30 at 8pm: Priceless.

honeykbee said...

Btw, Lynn gets a picture of a monster grill and/or Jonathan Lipnicki, Angie gets pink shoes in/and/or a pink toilet, and Nat gets a photo of a horse with elephantitis and a pearly white anus. Natch.

Anonymous said...

what about me?

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

You Like Me. You really like me!

NoodleP said...

a photo of a horse with elephantitis and a pearly white anus - gee - I feel so loved now! As long as you do not post the picture that has the horrible thing in it, we are all good!

Pearly white anus - It was ALL ANGIE'S IDEA! I only brought up the subject!

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