Monday, June 26, 2006

Rock Creek Flood Run

Up a creek without a paddle, literally!
So I went for a run this morning after my clients down in Rock Creek because I heard there was flooding and a Beemer underwater (which was getting dragged out as I ran by) and I ran into this. (see above)

--Washington Post, Washington Times, etc....Eat your heart out with my sweet pics--
(You can use em if ya like, btw. Just give me credit please)


Scott said...

Dude, are you retarded! Why did you wear the new sneaks in this shit???

Law-Rah said...

What a miserable morning. Love the pictures!

honeykbee said...

Those are your new sneakers?!


KassyK said...

Great pics...I live right there and I didnt even realize how insane it was on Rock Creek. Go back on Thurs...I'm sure it will be even worse what with all these storms continuing all week. FANNNTASTIC!!

John said...

Great pictures. It makes one wonder about the wisdom of building a major commuting road right next to a creek that is subject to flash floods. Surely the planners knew the creek's tendencies.

Puffinlr said...

Hey I'ts all about how you look out there, don't let them rag you, you where those new shoes and "Run Forest Run!"

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