Wednesday, May 10, 2006


.8% to be exact

That's how far off from Straight A's

Don't cry for me Argentina, but pray for me you 7-day adventists.

I deserve a 4.0! I worked hard, got an A in Anatomy and Physiology, and it was my final semester of sitting in F'n classes (until grad school)

Hook it up, Vesa.

But in lighter news, THIS was Overhead_in_NY

and our newest and most Favorite Website of the Week/Year

Congrats Big Man and

Where I'll be on Thursday but the only problem might be the Weather.

til next time,

Honey(bee), would you still follow me?


honeykbee said...

Hm. Interesting question. Interesting question indeed. Would I follow you anywhere for lewd vagina cupcakes. I must admit, this is an option that was not previously considered.

Porn... cupcakes... porn... cupcakes.

I'm compelled to question the staple of my very existence.

honeykbee said...

Perhaps if they were vanilla.

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