Saturday, April 01, 2006

They might be outta the Tourney but,

I miss my WVU friends.

Spoke to my best friend Jesse yesterday and I see that my other great friend McCurty (NY represent) looks at the blog.

I miss em all. I miss having good people to go out with and talk to. They are the ones that truly relax me and I have no trouble opening up and being 100% myself with. They know ALL my flaws and don't care. Not one bit. I lived with em for like 4 + years. They have all the dirt, and shit I'm a much neater, cleaner person now. I even do my work without a bong in my hand 24 hours a day!

I miss the ease of not having to "keep up with the Jones'" because we didn't care about owning a house or worry about real jobs. Though, even now, life is just grand whenever we get together (which isn't nearly) enough.

Well, piss piss piss...moan moan moan. Off to Ref football for $20/hour I go.

It'd be pretty sweet if I wasn't up at 8:43am on a Saturday.


McCurdy said...

We miss you too bro, even though you spelled my name wrong. It's McCurdy not McCurty.

Needtsza said...

sorry bro. I'd change it, but now it's funny =)

I'll hook ya up with more lovin' later.

K, this has nothing to do with my life here. I am happy, just miss my other friends

KassyK said...

I hear you...I love my life here too and I am lucky that I finally have a real group of girls down here that I adore...Shout out Carla, Brooke & Klein--but I still have those days when I miss the Jens (all three of them) and the NYC girls...I feel you. :-)

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